As I just said, I feel sad, I have plenty of regrets... and even more admiration, for the band.
Sad, because WRM was "too young to die". Having released their first album (on a particular date, so meaningfull to me...) only four years ago, and working on a second one, while touring from stage to stage, country to country.

I do regret not having seen them once live. For what I've read about their gigs, it really was something to witness, if not to be part of.

Despite not being able so far to "recover" from both this feelings; I won't be fair not to talk about how much I do like many of their songs. Considering that it was a first album, "Kick" does sound even more astonishing. In fact, I have not listened to many "first lp" as good as "Kick"... Do really I have to back-up my words by saying that I am a music amateur, and -when my server dies not!- as well a music broadcaster?

I have wrote fewer words than I was willing to (for some reasons that are both intimate & yet not unrelated), about the opening song "Kick" addicts me, deeply, connecting with so many of the tracks I have loved in the last twenty-five years.

Next is the "official" message you can read on both their website, myspace & facebook.

It is with great sadness that we announce that the collective that has been White Rose Movement has decided to call it a day. It has been a very hard decision to make, White Rose Movement has been our lives and passion for these past few years.

We were lucky enough to release our first album which we are all proud of, unfortunately, the second has proved more difficult. Although it has been finished for some time, we have faced many brick walls and without the relevant support, it has proved a struggle to sort its final flight into the public domain. It's an album that we have spent much time compiling and we hope that you'll get to hear it somehow so that your waiting has not been in vain.

We would like to say that your support has been absolutely incredible. It has been a pleasure playing to you in your cities and we thank you profusely for the opportunity to do so. We've had some of the most outrageous, fun, hilarious and at times surreal moments with this band and we won't forget a single second.

Some of you have become our good friends and our loyal supporters and it's wonderful to know that our music made some sort of connection with you. This makes this goodbye all the more painful. There's a lot of love in this band and despite its demise, we will remain the best of friends.

We would like to say that our last three shows will be the following:
Babylon, Istanbul on the 26th of March
Suite Festival in Madrid on the 15th of April
Sala Santana 27 in Bibao on the 16th of April

We hope you can join us,

Finn, Jasper, Owen, Ed and Poppy x

How not to end this post in music, WRM's songs, obviously. I still have few hope for these tracks not to be the very last from White Rose Movement...
Why? Well, why not?!? So many bands did broke up, and joined again later... Okay, most of them splited way too late, having released way too many shitty tracks; and joining back didn't help most improving over their last releases... Anyway, WRM can't be blamed for spliting too late...

  1. Kick (Kick, 2006) δβ ρørn
  2. Girls in the back (Kick, 2006)
  3. Love is a number (Kick, 2006)
  4. Alastian (Kick, 2006)
  5. London's mine (Kick, 2006)
  6. Pig Heil Jam (Kick, 2006)
  7. Idiot drugs (Kick, 2006)
  8. Deborah Carne (Kick, 2006)
  9. Test Card Girl (Kick, 2006)
  10. Speed (Kick, 2006) [my second favorite track]
  11. Cruella (Kick, 2006)
  12. Red
  13. Bones (rough demo)
  14. Helsinki
  15. By way of swans (ripped from MySpace=poor audio quality)